Lawn Care

beck-perry.jpgLawn Care Specialist Kelly Beck ensures that Miller's Lawn Care programs are tailored to each property. First and foremost, the owners of the home or business need to know that a large percentage of the success of your lawn is dependent on you. The homeowner is on or sees the lawn every day. The service we provide is to help you keep your grass green, and to help solve your lawn problems.

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Some lawns only need a 2 step program, others may need a 5 or 6 step program per year. We do what is best for your lawn, and recommend only the treatments that you need.

It takes time, work, and most of all patience to have a beautiful lawn. Remember to look at it often, checking for brown spots, possible disease, or insect damage. Miller Landscape has a complete lawn care program you will be interested in, if you would like an estimate for a continued maintenance program call and ask for Kelly Beck, our lawn care Specialist.

The following is a helpful guide for the maintenance of your newly installed or renovated lawn.

Germination: Do not stop watering after the grass germinates. Some grasses germinate in 7 to 10 days while others can take up to 30 days (Like Bluegrass). The new seedlings are very delicate and do not have a root system. Keep watering up to four weeks or until all plants are mature and healthy looking.

2007-Aug-backyard-036_124_T.jpgStraw: Do not remove straw from the grass, it will help hold moisture in the soil.
Mowing: Mow when grass is 3” high. Set your mower on the highest setting from the ground. Use a grass catcher if possible the first few times.

Fertilizer: We do recommend that the fertilizer should be applied to the new lawn (After the second mowing). Do not use a weed killer for the first two months. Do not use a crabgrass preventer as this will stop the seed from germinating.

Water: Your lawn must receive 2 inches of water a week. Water in the early morning or evening. Do not water in the heat of the day. Use a sprinkler and let it run at full pressure for at least ! an hour in each area. Check the soil to make sure the water is going into the ground and not running off.